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Vegetable Gardening Tips for a Bountiful Harvest!

These gardening tips will help you plan effectively and get the most out of your efforts. Backyard vegetable gardening can be as simple or as involved as you wish. Generally, you get out of the experience what you invest in it. The only exception to this rule is when you start your home garden without doing some research first. You can pour hundreds of hours (and dollars) into a project that yields disappointing results if you don’t have the right information.

Backyard Gardening Tips

Decide how much work you want to do and how much money to spend. Here are your options:

Very Cheap and Easy: You can use whatever dirt is present (usually alkaline clay or acidic sand depending on your location). This method will only support hardy plants that are well adapted to the existing soil conditions. Your choices will be limited and your crop may be small. If your garden is primarily a project for the kids, this may not matter. Just watching a bean plant sprout is plenty of fun for the 8 and under crowd.

Moderate Cost and Time Involved: Incorporate soil amendments to raise or lower the pH of your dirt. You can also test for other nutrients and minerals to see what is missing. Compost will need to be incorporated to increase soil fertility. Changing the composition of dirt takes time. Expect this to be an ongoing process that may take several years. Don’t mix sand and clay together unless you really know what you are doing.

High Initial Investment – Saves Time: Install a raised garden bed and fill it with loam for instant perfection. Drainage will not be a problem if your bed is 8” high. You won’t be stepping on the dirt, so it won’t get compacted. You are in complete control of your soil type and quality. Expect a bumper crop in this situation. Even if you use loam, monitor the soil conditions each year to see if any nutrients need to be replaced.

Gardening Tips for Plant Care

Take the time to learn what each type of plant requires while you are still in the planning stage. That way, you can lay out your garden design so your growing vegetables get what they need. That may be sun, lots of water, different soil types, etc.

Read up on each specific vegetable to see if it grows best from a seed, bulb or cutting. Learn about planting zones and times so you can protect your plants from frost or extreme heat. Discover what pests and diseases to watch out for.

Gardening Tips for Basic Maintenance

Find out what gardening products you need to take care of your vegetable garden. This includes garden tools, irrigation equipment, compost, and more. Keep an eye out for money saving tips in our articles and tutorials. We want you to get the most out of your experience.

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These gardening tips supplement our basic info on growing vegetables

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