Organic Vegetable Gardening

Go Green with Organic Vegetable Gardening

The term ‘organic vegetable gardening’ can mean many different things. Do you want to avoid:organic gardening

- Chemical pesticides and fertilizers?

- Genetically modified organisms (GMOS)?

- Any hybrid vegetables that don’t create viable seed?

Or do you just want to support sustainable agriculture in general? Feel free to pick and choose the definition that works for you. Every step you make towards healthier living is a good one!

Natural Pest Control

This can be as simple as encouraging ladybugs and praying mantids to live in your garden to eat aphids and other bugs. Removing pests by hand is an option for small gardens. People planting larger areas may wish to consider using neem oil as an organic pesticide.

A raised garden bed can have chicken wire laid out under the soil to keep out voles. There are lots of possible solutions; you just have to be creative!

Organic Fertilizer

Creating your own homemade compost is easier than you think. You can buy a bin to do this or build your own in a few simple steps. We also like to use cotton bole compost (it is readily available in Texas). Fertilizers and soil amendments come in lots of different forms. They are often based on materials from the:

AIR – bird or bat guano

LAND – worm castings

SEA – ground shellfish

Be sure to look up all the ingredients in any fertilizer you decide to use. You want to make sure you won’t mind ingesting them later. Growing ground cover and tilling it under is a safe, long term way to amend your soil.

Controlling Weeds

Organic vegetable gardening allows you to recognize the truth about weeds – they are just good plants growing where you don’t want them. If you take a Zen approach to hand weeding this doesn’t have to be a problem! Just pull them out as they sprout.

Properly preparing your vegetable garden soil and compost can cut down on weeds from the start. Don’t forget to mulch on an ongoing basis. This prevents soil erosion and suppresses unwanted plant growth at the same time.

Do your research before using any chemicals in your garden. Even organic weed control solutions may be toxic (especially those formulated for lawn care).

If you enjoy organic vegetable gardening, you will love our free recipes

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