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Kale recipes that feature raw leaves generally make use of mild, sweet varieties like Siberian or baby Scotch. Mature leaves and dark green species such as Lacinato (heirloom kale) taste better cooked. Done correctly, the cooking process eliminates any bitter taste and gives the leaves a more appetizing texture.

This leafy vegetable contains vitamins A, C, K and essential minerals such as iron and potassium. This is an excellent reason to learn to cook a few easy kale recipes.

Delicious kale soup can be used as an appetizer or as a full meal. The smell of this dish is so good that even picky eaters won’t be able to resist trying it. As the cook, you will be delighted that there are only a few dishes to wash after dinner.


Here is your ingredient list:

6 strips of bacon

1/2 of a large white onion

2 cloves (segments) of garlic

8-10 Lacinato kale leaves

1 large potato

1 large turnip

2 cups chicken broth

2 cups whole milk

Notes: You can replace the turnip with an extra potato in this recipe. However, I strongly recommend giving the turnip a try. It provides the perfect compliment for the other ingredients and will open your eyes to many other uses for this tasty bulb. You can substitute your favorite sausage for the bacon.


You will need:

- A large stainless steel skillet (it should be able to hold 1 gallon of liquid)

- Cutting board

- Paring knife

- Measuring cup

- Fork


Place 6 strips of bacon in a cold skillet. Turn the heat on medium low and cook the bacon thoroughly, turning occasionally. Don’t allow the grease to burn. Remove the crisp bacon and set it aside. Pour off some of the grease but retain enough to sauté the onions and garlic. Coarsely chop the onion and finely mince the garlic. Add them to the skillet and keep the heat on medium low.

For flavoring, you can add a whole sage leaf at this point. Just remember to take it out again before you add the kale. Other spices that work well with this soup are: thyme, oregano, rosemary, and basil. Play with a variety of flavors until you find a mix you like for this kale recipe. Don’t add salt until you taste the broth – the bacon is usually salty enough on its own.

Peel the potato and the turnip. I use a paring knife instead of a peeler because the outer skin that has to be removed from the turnip can be pretty thick (over 1/8”). This is the bitter part of the bulb and must be completely removed. You will see a slightly darker line that separates the outer skin from the mild interior as you peel.

Dice the potato and turnip into 1/2” cubes. Remove the central spines from each of the kale leaves. Discard the spines and tear the leaves into 2” x 2” squares. When the onion starts to turn transparent, add the vegetables along with the milk and chicken broth.

Simmer for 20 minutes or until the turnips are soft enough to pierce with a fork. Crumble the bacon and add it to the soup. Simmer for 2 more minutes and serve hot. Kale recipes can be reheated, but the chances of actually having any leftovers are small!

Serves 4-6

Image courtesy of CC license by Flickr user miriam_kato

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