Spinach Recipes

Spinach Recipes Are Full of
Vitamins And Minerals!

Fresh spinach recipes are a far cry from the nasty canned stuff I remember from my childhood. Backyard vegetable gardening gives you the unique opportunity to harvest baby leaves that have a wonderful, delicate taste. Be sure to introduce your veggie hating friends and family members to the stunning variety of flavors in this colorful salad. You won’t need a separate appetizer when you serve this dish – it contains something for everyone.

This is the ideal centerpiece for your dinner table. It also makes a great impression at a potluck. I like to serve my salad in a large glass punch bowl to showcase its leafy springtime appearance. Don’t be afraid to make a big batch of this spinach recipe. People will go back for second and third helpings!

You can vary the recipe below, but keep in mind that the key to making the perfect tossed salad is to avoid ingredients that have a dissonant texture or taste.

Chunks of carrot can bend a fork tine and the shredded variety just slips through the cracks and leaves a pile of sad orange debris at the bottom of your bowl.

Raw bell pepper is another salad spoiler since its harsh taste will overpower the more delicate flavors of tomato and mushroom.

Finally, if you insist on including cucumber please remember to peel it. The rubbery waxed skin is bitter and unpleasant.

Toss together in a large bowl:

- 4 cups of fresh baby spinach

- 4 chopped Roma tomato (or your favorite kind)

- 1 cubed medium sized Portabella mushroom

- 1/4 cup chopped red or yellow onion

- 1 peeled and cubed medium sized avocado

- 1/4 cup halved black or green olives

- 1/2 cup shredded cheese (whatever variety you like best)

- 1/2 cup croutons of your choice

If you will not be serving the salad immediately, sprinkle it generously with lemon juice to prevent the avocados from turning brown.

A light vinaigrette dressing can be added just prior to serving or you can offer your guests a variety of dressings to choose from.

Serves: 16

Image courtesy of CC license by Flickr user wonderyort

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